Started on January 1, 2019
Circles is our highest level program for 7th – 12th grade girls. All players will be able to track and measure their growth as they ‘level up’ through our Rings of Growth coaching system. You will focus on developing the five skills, learning our beach systems, and implementing beach strategies.  
Circles meets three days a week year-round. It is a month to month program. As long as the club isn’t full you may join anytime and begin tracking your growth where ever you left off. If the club is full you will be placed on a waiting list and receive a notification when a slot opens up.
We consider “in season” to be the months of May – July. During this time, on and off the beach training is intense as we prepare for the National Championships in July.  
For those interested, we also offer performance training with Jeff Praino at the One Nine facility.



Program Duration: Year-Round training available.

Practices: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Time varies throughout year)

Tournaments: Tournament schedule will be available for members.

Partners: This is an individual training program, so you don’t need a partner. We emphasize training girls as individual players while encouraging them to play tournaments with various partners. Learning to play with different people is an important part of reaching your potential. We utilize May and June to prepare players to find the right partner for July. We will also help girls find partners for year round tournaments.

Cost: $375 monthly payment (Venmo: Chris-law-11) prorates available for partial months

Tryouts: Meet & Greet Coach Chris before joining. Intermediate to advanced levels welcome.

Location: Our practices are located on the South West courts at North Beach, Del Mar.

TESTIMONIALS from past players


“He’s been right with me through my college recruiting, tough losses, good wins, and break-through moments. I remember at my very first practice, Chris put us through a workout so hard that I thought I was going to have to quit the club. I grew to really appreciate the workouts though, especially the challenging “weekend warrior workouts” we did, because they improved my athleticism and overall fitness.”

-Megan Muret (UCLA NCAA Champion)


“My daughters and I all play beach volleyball. They have been training with a great club for years, but I felt my younger daughter really needed something more. I met Chris through a friend whose daughter has been training with him a long time, and she is amazing. I decided to try Chris’ adult training on Saturday mornings at Del Mar, and I was so impressed in how Chris looks at every movement, every little adjustment and can tell you why and how that is going to improve your game. We have since started our 7th grader with Chris 3 days a week, and she is already learning so many new strategies and movements, and thinking about her game so differently. I also like that Chris’ program is small and Chris personally coaches these girls with so much passion and excitement for beach volleyball and their individual improvement. So happy we met him and joined Circles!”

– Shannon C. (Adult player and Circles mom)


“Chris places an emphasis on the biomechanics of beach volleyball, which appealed to my analytical nature; however, he also took a holistic approach to the sport that pushed me to grow outside of my comfort zone. From yoga and meditation to vision boards and nutrition talks, Chris cared about molding each person into an all around better version of themselves. His passion for life and the game of volleyball are infectious.”

-Jonny Baham (University of Arizona)