Started on January 1, 2019
This is your opportunity to train that weakness in your game! In these skill-based classes you will learn in depth biomechanics, systems and strategies for a single skill. With only 6 players you will get more individual coaching and REPETITIONS.
One thing we hear over and over again from adult members is, “Wow, I am unlearning and reversing years of bad habits.”




Program Duration: Year-Round. Join anytime.

Practices: Located on the South West courts at North Beach Del Mar.



Chris is by far the best coach I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with many over 4 decades. He has a the unique ability to teach and cue the details of fundamentals which translates into swift improvements in your game. He goes beyond typical game strategy and trains your mind to see things others miss. He has an incredible ability to inspire and motivate his players to excel at all age levels as I’ve seen him in action with young kids and teens as well. He makes training and practicing fun while driving home excellence. I recommend him to anyone who wants the most out of a coach.

-S. Martin


“Chris law is by far the best coach I’ve had in 32 years of playing beach volleyball. Over the years, I developed bad habits. Chris’s expertise about proper biomechanics has really improved my play. He uses effective sayings such as “Load, Lookout and Lift” to demonstrate and reinforce proper passing techniques. It’s been fascinating to see the dramatic improvements of the people in the adult class. I whole heartedly recommend Circles Volleyball!”

-Jim Goode


Best clinic I’ve ever attended. Focuses on the biomechanics – breaking down the movements and balance necessary for a solid, correctly placed pass, an excellent set, and an effective hit. Also provides great instruction on the systems to use to win points, meaning the strategy and the positioning with your partner that is necessary to succeed and win points consistently. Highly recommend this clinic!

-Sherri Neasham


Coach Chris Law’s attention to the biomechanics of beach volleyball is what separates him from all other coaches. It all starts from structure then you can have the freedom to play as you’d like!

-Barbara Stoddard