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Purchase a class pack and use it towards any of the below classes
  • Beginner Class (90 min.) – Instructor led volleyball drills accompanied by individual coaching. Each class will go through a series of drills for specific skills. The drills are meant to give you repetitions for the skill while you’re able to work on specific biomechanics. THIS Class is for beginner & intermediate players.
  • Intermediate Class (120 min.) – Instructor led volleyball drills accompanied by individual coaching on biomechanics, systems, and strategies. During class players are led through higher level skills and drills to improve side out percentage. This class is for players with at least several years of beach experience or a solid foundation in indoor volleyball.
  • Skill-Based Class (60 min.) – This class goes in-depth on the specific biomechanics, systems, and strategies for a single skill. For all levels and genders. Check schedule for your desired skill
  • DOTS (120 min.) – A developmental program for 3rd – 7th grade girls. Meets tuesdays and thursdays with the option to come once or twice weekly.
  • Lessons (60 min.) – Private lessons are available by contacting Chris directly to set up an appointment 858-353-1176

Weekly FALL Schedule


4:00-5:00pm Skill-Based Class (All Levels)

5:00-6:00pm Skill-Based Class (All Levels)


3:45-5:45pm DOTS (3rd-7th girls)


3:45-4:45pm Skill-Based Class (TEENS)

4:45-6:15pm Adult Beginners Class 


3:45-5:45pm DOTS


9:00-11:00am Adults Intermediate Class

 Year-round classes. Join anytime.