Brief info

Chris Law
-Degree in Kinesiology from CSUSM
-ACE certified personal trainer
-Yoga Alliance certified
-12 years training and coaching experience
->10,000 hrs coaching beach volleyball

Chris Law, native San Diegan, was the former director the San Diego Beach Volleyball Club, the current CIF Championship Cathedral Beach Coach, and founder of CIRCLES Beach Volleyball. After experiencing first hand the pecking order of big club models he created a coaching system and club that solves the problem of every player receiving equal high level coaching.

In his 12 years experience he has; won EVERY national championship as a coach, had more than 20 players go to the NCAA, had players win FIVB World Championship, and two NCAA championships. In 2022 he helped coach Cathedral Catholic to the first ever CIF championship.

He is the most experienced and medaled coach in San Diego and possibly the most technical coach in the country. He holds a degree in exercise science, certifications in personal training, and yoga. He has over 10,000 hours beach coaching experience players and still loves helping players of every level reach their peak potential.