Chris Law

Brief info

Chris Law
-Degree in Kinesiology from CSUSM
-ACE certified personal trainer
-Yoga Alliance certified
-12 years training and coaching experience
->10,000 hrs coaching beach volleyball

Chris was born and raised in Southern California, He grew up on the beach surfing and playing volleyball. He received a kinesiology degree from CSUSM. After which he got his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise. He ran his own personal training business for eight years before he decided to retire the business in 2011 and put all his energy into his passion of coaching and eventually directing the San Diego Beach Volleyball Club.  In the span of five years he directed and coached hundreds of kids as the club grew from 20 kids to 110 players. During this time the sport skyrocketed in popularity as it became an emerging NCAA sport.  It was during these 6 years that Chris and his coaching staff, Marc Lomeli, Gail Malone, Kaui Salzman, Gustavo Rocha, and Majo Orellana applied and tested a holistic approach to volleyball which incorporated sports specific training, biomechanics for beach volleyball, yoga, and nutrition. They also created mantras for all the skills, systems and strategies of the game to enable players to win at the highest percentage. Within five years their athletes had won every national championship in the USA and had 20 plus athletes that went on to play NCAA beach volleyball.  Two of the assistant coaches went on to become NCAA beach volleyball assistant coaches; Gustavo Rocha assistant coach of USC, and Majo Orellana TCU

As San Diego Beach Volleyball continued to grow at a rapid rate the club also went in a more corporate direction. Chris knew that in order to remain in integrity to the coaching system that had already proven itself, he would have to walk away and create a program on his own terms.

Circles Beach Volleyball Club was founded in 2019 as a truly boutique club – a club that guarantees individual and consistent biomechanical coaching for every athlete. Chris’s evolved and structured coaching system (specific to Circles) is consistent throughout all Circles programming and all Circles coaches. Simply put, at Circles, each player receives the same coaching. The big club business models simply can’t offer this.

Chris is very happy to be back at his home beach where he began coaching and where he put some of the first poles in the sand with his dad 11 years ago. And now he’s building an amazing club full of dedicated athletes who want more than the big club model of beach volleyball can offer. At Circles, Chris has brought back to the Del Mar community a system of coaching beach volleyball which produces measurable growth in ALL of its athletes.