Alexis Filippone

I have been with Chris Law for 6 years now. I started beach volleyball with Chris as my coach at age 12 and he taught me the game making me the player I am today, but also so much more. I have learned so much from Chris as my coach, trainer, and yoga instructor. His wisdom is something that has impacted my life for the better. Chris’ emphasis on fitness, yoga, health/nutrition, and spirituality is something that is one of a kind and you won’t find anywhere else. I’m lucky to have Chris in my life currently in circles academy. Circles is a place where I can greatly improve my fitness level for volleyball and practice yoga. The workouts are tough and always challenge me. They add variety to my weekly weight training routine with different exercises that focus on strength, core, and cardio. These workouts definitely take me to the next level in volleyball and allow me to strive for optimal fitness. Chris shares so much insight and mentors me through any areasĀ in my life that I need to improve. I see circles as a safe and positive place to work on myself for all aspects of my life.