Jonny Baham

I started beach volleyball at the age of 12 in the SD Beach program, where Chris was my coach for several years. Chris places an emphasis on the biomechanics of beach volleyball, which appealed to my analytical nature; however, he also took a holistic approach to the sport that pushed me to grow outside of my comfort zone. From yoga and meditation to vision boards and nutrition talks, Chris cared about molding each person into an all around better version of themselves. The lessons I’ve learned from Chris and the incredible friendships I made with the help of the positive environment he created are ones that I still hold close today and will continue to cherish in the future. His passion for life and the game of volleyball are infectious, which further serve his ability to inspire his players and keep practices fun and engaging. Needless to say, the fact that he coached many girls who went on to play at the collegiate level from when they first began is a testament to his foundational principles.
In the past I have had coaches who were always trying to change me and make me into a player that I wasn’t. I will always be grateful to Chris for appreciating me the way that I am and allowing me the space to find my own strengths. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience a coach who can do that for them.