Megan Muret

Chris began coaching me at 12 years old when I started playing for San Diego Beach Volleyball Club.  He’s been right with me through my college recruiting, tough losses, good wins, and break-through moments.  I remember at my very first practice, Chris put us through a workout so hard that I thought I was going to have to quit the club.  I grew to really appreciate the workouts though, especially the challenging “weekend warrior workouts” we did, because they improved my athleticism and overall fitness.  I went from struggling to jog in the sand to sprinting across the court digging balls.  Chris taught me the skills and biomechanics of beach volleyball too.  He placed a big emphasis not only on the science of beach volleyball movement patterns, but also on being well-rounded athletes through our workouts, yoga sessions, and focus on mental strength. Now that I do Circles with Chris, my fitness and self-awareness has further improved.  At Circles the workouts are centered on functional fitness, so they really help me with beach volleyball.  I love being able to practice yoga too because I feel super connected with myself and it’s great injury prevention.  Circles allows me to work on the mental aspect of life and volleyball as well.  I’ve really been able to get in touch with myself because of Circles and I think everyone should have that experience.