Rings of growth

The Rings of Growth (ROG) was created to serve as a beach volleyball roadmap. It is the framework for an entire coaching system that has been forged through over 10,000 hours coaching beach volleyball and proven with it’s track record of players who’ve won national championships, world championships and then NCAA championships. The coaching system includes beach tutorials, systems and strategies for efficiently playing the game, and sports science based training for fitness and nutrition. The way it works is that each ring has five sections. By completing each section, players move closer towards achieving the ring. This also gives players, parents, and coaches a tracking system for growth. 

Complete all five sections of each Ring


  1. Statistical Rating: Serving is rated 0-4 and passing and setting from 0-3. The goal is to achieve the specified rating of each Ring.
  2. Beach volleyball IQ: Written tests, videos, college letters and other tasks to be done off the court.
  3. Tournaments: The number or type of tournaments to play in to earn the ring.
  4. Attack efficiency: Kills minus Errors divided by Attempts
  5. Experience: Demonstration of specific skills or CBVA rating
Statistics Rating20%
Beach volleyball IQ20%
Attack efficiency20%